The estate grows a range of grape varieties, primarily from the Savoie region: Mondeuse for the reds and Jacquère, Altesse and Mondeuse blanche for the whites (even though the Pinot Noir and Gamay grape are also part of the vineyard). The vines are mainly located in the villages of Saint Pierre d’Albigny, Saint Jean de la Porte, Fréterive, Chignin, Chapareillan, Les Marches and Saint Jean de Chevelu.

Our Red

The growing of the different red varieties is focused on controlled yields in order to obtain an optimum phenolic ripeness. Combined with a gradual and gentle extraction, it allows to achieve well-balanced wines.

AOP Savoie Pinot Noir

A Pinot Noir that will delight your taste buds, with crunchy red berries on the nose.

Balance in the mouth and structure give body to this wine.

AOP Savoie Mondeuse

A delightful Mondeuse with fruit flavours and a light finish.
Its fine and elegant structure will ensure a good ageing potential.

AOP Savoie Mondeuse Cru Saint Jean de la Porte

This Mondeuse has found ideal growing conditions in Saint Jean de la Porte. As a result, the vines produce a wine of great intensity. With a deep dark purple colour, the wine’s aromatic bouquet made of hints of licorice, blackcurrant and violet, as well as cocoa notes, matches that of Syrah. Firm and delicate tannins reveal a well-structured and juicy feel in the mouth, enabling the wine to age in bottle over a good decade.

Our white

Vine-growing and winemaking methods are identical for each wine in order to bring out the intrinsic qualities of each locality.  Our aim is to produce neat, precise and well-balanced white wines.

AOP Savoie Cépage Jacquère

Jacquère is a light and refreshing wine. Predominantly floral on the nose, it unveils a delicate acidity along with a slight salinity.
With a low alcohol content (11% Vol.), Jacquère reminds us that wine is the perfect beverage to quench one’s thirst…

AOP Savoie Cru Les Abymes

Les Abymes stems from the Jacquère grape variety. The wines coming from this clay-limestone soil are rather mouth-filling while showing notes of wild peach and juicy fruit.

Their slightly acid structure is typical of the Jacquère grape.

AOP Savoie Cru Apremont

Attractive limestone notes are prevailing for this white, revealing a whiff of flint on the nose and a chalky feeling in the mouth. This structure, combined with a delicate acidity, results in a good length in the mouth. This white wine will pleasantly surprise you after just a few years in bottles.

AOP Savoie Roussette de Savoie Cépage Altesse

Roussette is a subtle and elegant wine. This vivid and very well-structured white is balanced by exquisite bitter notes on the finish, reminding citrus peel and guaranteeing great ageing potential.