Sitting in the French Alps, Le Domaine de Chevillard is an organic vineyard of approximately 10 hectares in the heart of the Combe de Savoie Valley. Matthieu Goury is a passionate and committed young winemaker running the estate producing exclusively white and red wines with a Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) Vin de Savoie and Roussette de Savoie.



Touching the Massif des Bauges regional park, in the villages of Saint Pierre d’Albigny and Saint Jean de la Porte, the vineyard only grows local grape varieties from Savoie: Mondeuse, Altesse and Jacquère. The great variety of soils (limestone, marl-limestone and clay-limestone) combined with a south/south east exposure contribute to the full ripening of the grapes, revealing a dense texture with complex aromas.

Matthieu Goury :
Passion & Tradition

Born into a family of wine growers, Matthieu Goury is originally from the hamlet of Chevillard which today lends its name to the estate. He is convinced that great wines can be produced on these steep hillsides–a component of the fine terroir of Savoie–which soil is composed of alternating limestone and marlstone layers.

He is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Agriculture for the Rhône-Alpes region (ISARA) and has been acquiring a solid experience and expertise on his land but also in Canada and Australia as regards both the meticulous vineyard work during the vine growth, and the winemaking process. He started working on family land and gradually managed to expand the estate acquiring selected plots of land. With a purpose in mind–to restore the reputation for excellence the wines of Savoie deserve while preserving the region’s terroir–Matthieu has been operating the estate since 2016 in line with an exclusively organic and traditional approach.




To allow the terroir to reveal its distinctive character in the final product, Le Domaine de Chevillard has been engaged for years in reasoned wine growing using environmentally responsible methods to preserve soil biodiversity. Throughout the seasons, manual work and traditional techniques are favoured–thorough disbudding, leaf-stripping and selective removal of shoot tips–in order to limit the yields and optimise the ripening of the grapes, exclusively hand-harvested.


The vinification takes place in barrels with minimal human intervention. The aim is not to “make” the wine but rather to let it age. Merely observing each stage of the wine maturation, following and monitoring its natural evolution–natural yeast fermentation, manual hydraulic grape pressing for the reds–along with purposely limited wood exposure, allow each cuvée to develop its own characteristics in a unique and authentic way.

All of our wines are barrel aged for one year and then bottle aged for another year before being marketed.



Keeping intervention during both the vine growing and winemaking processes to a minimum in order to let the wine undergo its natural maturation and express all the richness of the Savoie region’s terroir.

Offering a biological product meeting all the organic production requirements in force, protecting and respecting ecosystems as well as final consumers.

Producing unique wines that can be defined as delicate, long lingering and deep in structure, just like their land of origin (Pays de Savoie).


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